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About Me

Ciao! My name is Stephen Pagani Jackson. I am Italian. I am a videographer. 

I have loved working with film since I was young. I would make home movies on the video camera that we had. But my love of film quickly evolved into a profession for me to follow. It’s been one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. I wouldn’t trade my job for anything in the world.

I would have to say that working as a videographer has one major perk: traveling. For my job, I get to go all over the world. Of course, even when I’m going somewhere for work, I try to make a little time in my schedule to visit the local sights and try some new local food. Of course, I try to travel even when I’m not working on a new project. I’m always on the move, even when I’m at home. I love finding new things to try, whether it’s food or a new challenge for my work.

But even if I wasn’t actively looking for more challenges, my work already provides me with interesting assignments. I’ve worked on ads for various companies, short documentaries about different cities around the world. With all those different kinds of work, I keep finding new ways to make my work better. From the filming to the editing, I’ve been doing a lot of good work. And as I continue to work, I want to continue to improve myself. With all the work that I get to do, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to improve myself and keep working on filming, editing, and post-production skills.

When I’m not traveling, I’m happy to be at home with my family. They are all supportive of the work that I am doing and are always excited to hear about the new places that I’ve been. They especially love it when I bring back presents from the places I’ve gone. But as much as they love the presents from places around the world, they love it more when I’m around at home to hang out with them and have little adventures with them.

Some of the coolest places I’ve traveled:

  • Liège, Belgium
  • Adelaide, Australia
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Zimbabwe
  • Placencia, Belize
  • Sicily, Italy
  • Mali

Of course, there are so many more places that I want to see and film, but these were the ones I loved the most. And as I adventure, I’ll be sure to update this blog with more stories about where I’m going and what I’m doing. That’s just one part of what I would like to do with this blog. I want to share my personal stories of adventure around the world, but I also want to share advice on how to work with video for people of all kinds. I hope that you guys enjoy the ride with me.

Latest blog entries

My 2012 trip to Mali for a stethoscopes company

For those of you that don’t know, my job takes me everywhere. I’ve gone all over the world to do work with film. Sometimes those places are luxurious countries, and sometimes they’re a little more dangerous. I don’t back down from a challenge, so when I was given the opportunity back in 2012 to go to Mali, I took it.

Just a random Mali street!

Back in those days, Mali was struggling with an armed combat. I remember it well. Getting into the country to our shoot was interesting. I never remember feeling that worried because we were far enough south to be out of the way of the conflict, but you could still feel the conflict in the air everywhere you went.

Besides the fighting, though, the country was fantastic. There were so many people doing so much. Their cultures were brilliant and very different from everything that I had come to expect after living in America for so long. I really tried my best to see everything and get a real taste of the culture and the people.

Unfortunately, that also meant getting a taste of the tragedies that people were coping with. I was there with a company that was trying to get a new kind of stethoscope off the ground. The product was incredibly cool, but why it was needed broke my heart. The Ebola virus, which travels so quickly, means that equipment that touches the patients is tainted with the virus (more info about this topic can be found here).

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